Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Find your holiday destination in Cambodia by searching our destinations, the central, northeast, northwest, and the south coast.

Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Stung Treng Tours

Mekong Ramsar Wetlands

The Best Place for Kayaking and Fishing in Cambodia.

Stung Treng is a quiet town with limited appeal, located on the Tonlé Sekong near its confluence with the Mekong. It's loaded with largely untapped tourist potential. The main attractions are Preah Rumkel and Ou Svay. There, one of the most beautiful parts of the Mekong River known as Ramsar Site where you can kayak out to a pod of Irrawaddy dolphins then continue downstream along a pretty stretch of the Mekong dotted with flooded forest. Further north, the mighty Mekong Falls that thwarted the grand designs of French imperialists (and which now mark the Lao border) cascade over the border.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Sihanoukville Tours

The south coast and Cambodia’s prime beach

Getaway to Koh Rong and Rong Sanloem with one of the world's finest beaches

Sihanoukville, also locally known as Kompong Som, is Cambodia’s leading beach resort. There are empty white-sand beaches around the headland, unspoiled islands off the coast and the popular Kbal Chhay waterfall near town. As well as relaxing on the beach, boat trips to Koh Russei, Koh Rong and other islands are a popular activity. Snorkeling and diving can also be arranged, although the best diving lies quite a long way offshore and would require an overnight stay on a boat or island. The best beaches are Occheuteal and Otres Beaches, but large parts of under redevelopment. For something more remote or romantic, try and the beaches of Ream National Park or one of the offshore islands. Ream National Park, just 15km from Sihanoukville, is a coastal park occupying 21,000 hectares, including two islands, Koh Thmei, and Koh Ses.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Siem Reap Tours

Home to the world largest religious building

the fabled temples of Angkor

Siem Reap is a must-visit destination for all visitors to Cambodia; discover Khmer culture, the fabled temples of Angkor and learn about our ancient history. The 12th century Angkor Wat is the largest religious building in the world and it is honoured as one of the Wonders of the World.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Ratanakiri Tours

The remote North Eastern of Cambodia

Unique jungle trekking into Virachey's national park 'Kok Lak and Koh Piek'

The ruggedly beautiful Ratanakiri province, home to Cambodia’s ethnic minorities who still live according to their age-old traditions and some of its endangered wildlife. It's the place to go for trekking, eco-travel and natural beauty. In collaboration with hill tribe communities, ranger expert tracker and Virachey NP office, we offer a unique jungle trekking into Virachey’s national park ‘Kok Lak and Koh Peak’ where in particular – with its beautiful nature and the colorful blend of its local and indigenous people. With our experience of handling adventure enthusiasts for almost a decade, we can ensure that all our esteemed and valued guests have the finest and most secure adventure travel with an unforgettable experience. There are many trek options depending on a number of days/nights, camping or homestays, adventure, wildlife spotting, tribes, and terrain. Trips listed below are just some of our favorite collection. Our experienced trained & qualified staff are always ready to serve you in the best possible way to customize and make your trek a lifetime memory.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Preah Vihear Tours

Preah Vihear is vast, remote and hardly touched by tourism, many areas were under Khmer Rouge control until 1998. It's home to three of Cambodia's most impressive Angkorian legacies. Prasat Preah Vihear, an imposing mountain-top temple guards the border between Cambodia and Thailand, was registered to be the world heritage in July 2008, became Cambodia’s second Unesco World Heritage Site (after the Angkor Archaeological Complex in Siem Reap). Preah Khan temples located in the south part. It's the lonely, jungle-engulfed temples and totally isolated and imbued with secret-world atmosphere. The famous 10th-century capital Koh Ker, which is day-tripping distance from Siem Reap. Our favorite activity is to climb to the top of the Preah Vihear temple via the snaking road up the mountain which is very steep in places and we eventually emerge at the second enclosure of this king of the mountain temples. Explore the temple on foot and continue onwards to the final level, clinging to a cliff face in the Dangrek Mountains, towering hundreds of metres above lowland Cambodia below. The views from this most mountainous of temple mountains are breathtaking.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Tours

Phnom Penh is a bustling capital, sits at the intersection of the Mekong and Tonlé Sap streams, center point for the Khmer Empire and French colonialists. On its walkable riverfront, fixed with parks, eateries and bars, are the resplendent Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum, showing antiquities from around the nation. At the city’s heart is the gigantic, workmanship deco Central Market.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Mondulkiri Tours

The original Wild East

Amazing landscape, Indigenous Bunong (Phnong), Eco-friendly Elephant Experience

Mondulkiri means ‘Meeting of the Hills’, an apt sobriquet for a land of rolling hills. It is the most sparsely populated province in the country. It's home to the hardly Bunoung (Phnong) people and their noble elephants, this upland area is a seductive mix of grassy hills, pine groves and rainforests of jade green. Climatically and culturally, it’s a world apart from lowland Cambodia and lead some dreamers to call it ‘the Switzerland of Cambodia’. Wild animals, such as bears, leopards and especially elephants, are more numerous here than elsewhere, although sightings are usually limited to birds, monkeys and the occasional wild pig.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Kratie Tours

Centre of Cambodia Eco-tourism

The best place to see the real Cambodia

Kratie is home the rare Mekong dolphins with some of the best sunsets and the best place to get off the beaten track to experience the real Cambodia tours.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Kampot and Kep Tours

Colonial Town and Cambodia's first seaside retreat

World's best pepper and one of our favorite parts to photograh

Kampot is a charming riverside town, rich in French colonial-era architecture and a popular place for river trips. It is a good base to explore Bokor Hill Station and the atmospheric colonial seaside town of Kep-sur-Mer. There are also several cave pagodas in the area, including perfectly preserved brick temples from the pre-Angkorian period. Kep was Cambodia’s first seaside retreat, founded by the French elite in 1908 and a favoured haunt of Cambodian high-rollers during the 1960s. After many years in hibernation, it has once again taken off, with new boutique hotels and resorts offering comfortable, atmospheric accommodation and delicious food. Nearby islands such as Koh Tonsay are popular for day trips and local crab and fresh seafood is a popular lunchtime treat. Bokor is one of the most atmospheric places in Cambodia, a 1000m-high plateau of steaming jungle, shy wildlife and abandoned buildings. Built by the French as a hill station in the 1920s, it was redeveloped by Sihanouk in 1959 as a casino resort before being abandoned to the elements in 1970. Off limits until recent years, the empty buildings and majestic views give it a haunting, romantic quality. Nearby Popokvil Falls are impressive in the wet season. It is currently only accessible during public holidays, as the old hill station is currently under redevelopment.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Kampong Cham Tours

Kampong Cham is the lively capital of the province of the same name and the third largest city in Cambodia located on the bank of the Mekong River. Attractions are relatively low key, so most visitors pass through en route to the remote northeast of Cambodia or Southern Laos. Wat Nokor is an 11th Century Mahayana Buddhist shrine near Kompong Cham. It was rebuilt and dedicated to Therevada Buddhism in the 15th Century and today there are many Buddha images scattered throughout the complex. There is a small colourful wat located within its walls, contrasting with the ancient sandstone and making for something of a fusion temple. Other sights include the sacred hills of Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei (man and woman hill), offering great views across the countryside and the rickety bamboo bridge that connects the mainland to Koh Paen in the dry season. Renting a bicycle and visiting rural villages on this pretty island is a rewarding experience.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Battambang Tours

Northwest Explorer

The rice bowl city and the best-preserved colonial town in Cambodia

Battambang is one of Cambodia’s largest towns, nestled on the banks of the Sangker River. As well as boasting graceful architecture, the town is a popular place to visit by speedboat from Siem Reap across the lake. Nearby attractions include the hilltop Angkorian temple of Wat Banan, the sacred mountain of Phnom Sampeau and the riverside temple of Wat Ek Phnom. Lifestyle excursions are a popular experience when visiting Battambang, including riding the ‘bamboo train’ through the lush countryside. Just outside Battambang lies Phare Ponleu Selpak, an NGO-funded circus school helping disadvantaged children to learn an alternative lifestyle. Formerly a stronghold of the Khmer Rouge, Pailin is known for its gemstones and has a beautiful setting on the edge of the Cardamom Mountains. The Thai-Cambodian border is open and when the new road between Pailin and Koh Kong is complete, the town will then lie on a strategic overland corridor between the temples of Angkor and Cambodia’s unexplored south coast.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Banteay Meanchey

Banteay Meanchey is the less touristy destinations in Cambodia. Most people only know its unique temple of Banteay Chhmar and community-based tourism (CBT) which is a beautiful, peaceful and covered in astonishingly intricate bas-reliefs village and is one of the most impressive remote temple complexes beyond the Angkor area.
Tour Destinations in Cambodia

Anlong Veng - Oudor Meanchey

Anlong Veng is one of the districts in Oudor Meanchey Province and it was the ultimate Khmer Rouge stronghold, home to notorious leaders of Democratic Kampuchea, including Pol Pot, Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan and Ta Mok for almost a decade before it fell to government forces in April 1998. Now, the government has built NH67 road be bulldozed through the jungle, to ensure the population didn’t have second thoughts about ending the war.