Mini Trek Around Yeak Laom Lake
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Boeng Yeak Laom is a beautiful, emerald-hued crater lake set amid the vivid greens of the towering jungle. It is the only one volcano lake, one of the most peaceful and beautiful places Cambodia has to offer. There are several wooden piers dotted around the perimeter, making it perfect for swimming. There is a small Cultural and Environmental Centre has a modest display on ethnic minorities in the province and hires out life jackets for children.

The lake is believed to have been formed around 700,000 years ago; some believe that it must have been formed by a meteor strike as the circle is so perfect and measures 800 m in diameter and it’s tremendous depth 48 m. The indigenous minority people in the area have long considered Boeng Yeak Laom a sacred place and their legends talk of mysterious creatures that inhabit the waters. 

We can take mini-trek around the lake through large trees and rich, lush rain forest, the home of many exotic birds and parrots. You can also enjoy swimming to refresh yourself as the water is extremely clean and clear. 

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