The Corn Field
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We have experienced a lot of flooding along the Mighty Mekong river in Cambodia,  especially around Kratie. Most of the crops were destroyed by the floodwaters and became fish food including the corn crops. For those living along this mother river, floodwaters often destroy but also bring life, by fertilizing the crops we rely on. It also balances the eco-system; fish get to move freely between rivers and lakes, which in turn secures and expands the fish stocks that the local fishermen rely on during the next dry season. This video is of the corn fields on Koh Chreng, the beautiful Mekong island about 10km south of Kratie. Some of the corn was harvested before the flooding arrived but for half of the crop, that went into providing food for the booming fish population.

You are in for a treat, so prepare yourself with a coffee and enjoy watching :))

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