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Phnom Penh – Kratie – Mondulkiri – Ratanakiri – Stung Treng – Preah Vihear – Siem Reap

14 days / 13 nights


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Tour Snapshot

Immerse yourself with our Cambodia Explorer tour package and observe the daily life of Cambodian, visit sacred temples, kayaking, trekking & wildlife tour. Land in Phnom Penh and fly out from Siem Reap. Travel to the rolling hills and wilds of Mondulkiri, we experience Bounong hill tribe community elephant trekking; visit local sites including Bou Sraa waterfall, the Sea Forests and a real taste of Cambodian coffee. Head to the country’s best Kratie, gateway to an encounter with the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins with some of the best sunsets. We explore the “wild East” of Ratanakiri. Survey the mighty waterfalls that thwarted the grand designs of French imperialists in Stung Treng (and which now mark the Lao border). Explore Mekong flooded forests at Ramsar Wetlands by kayak. Climb to the top of the world heritage Preah Vihear temple via the snaking road up the mountain, clinging to a cliff face in the Dangrek Mountains, towering hundreds of metres above lowland Cambodia below before heading to the capital of the Khmer Empire at Angkor for a series of cycling tours in this incredible forest of ancient temples. We select the best of them including the world’s largest religious monument at Angkor Wat, the enigmatic and enchanting Bayon and the atmospheric Ta Prohm, consumed by jungle and fighting a losing battle with nature.


  • Learn about the history and culture of the region from our experienced friendly guide
  • Bounong hill tribe community elephant riding and bathing
  • Watch Irrawaddy river dolphins by boat
  • Bike through countryside and rural villages
  • Overnight trekking in Ratanakiri forests
  • Explore Mekong River and its mighty falls
  • Witness mighty Mekong Falls that thwarted the grand designs of French imperialists
  • Kayak through flooded forests of Ramsa Wetlands
  • Dive into Khmer culture with a homestay
  • Explore the world heritage temples of Angkor and imposing mountain-top Preah Vihear Temple with a guided tour
  • Lifestyle visit at floating village on Tonle Sap Lake


Day 1
Arrive to Phnom Penh.

After welcoming you at the Phnom Penh Airport, a Cambodian Pride Tours representative will transfer you to a comfortable hotel in the city centre for overnight.

  • Hotel (1 night)

Day 2
Phnom Penh to Kratie.

Your friendly English speaking and knowledgeable guide greets you with a traditional Khmer welcome. We hit the road to the bustling provincial city of Kompong Cham. En route, there is the chance to pause at Skuon, affectionately known as ‘Spiderville’, where it is possible to sample the local delicacy of deep fried tarantula. We arrive in Kompong Cham and enjoy a local lunch in Kompong Cham. During dry season (Jan-May), we can visit the bamboo bridge built across the mighty Mekong River connecting mainland to Koh Pen Island. Our road journey continues along the Mekong passing through rural villages before we take ferry across the river at Stung Trong to Krouch Chhmar. Then, we hit the road passed many pretty Wats especially from Hanchey towards the old river port of Chhlong, home to some of the best examples of French colonial architecture in the country. We then reach Kratie.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Kampong Cham – Spiderville
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 3
Kratie Rural Lifestyle & Dolphin Watching.

We visit the central Market of Kratie where you will see the local trades. Then, we go off the beaten track to the rural villages where you will experience of true rural Cambodian life; seasonal crops, rice whisky making and noodle making. Be welcomed into the home of a village family and share a delicious homemade meal featuring local products and specialties. Before returning to another ferry crossing, there are also opportunities to experience Khmer noodle and rice whisky making. Later in the afternoon, we go to Kampi, one of the many deep pools where the rare freshwater Irrawaddy river dolphins gather to feed. We board a local boat and cruise out into the mighty Mekong for a chance to encounter with gentle creatures. Viewing is almost guarantee, although it is easier to see the dolphins in the shallower waters of the dry season, than in the swollen river of the wet season. After enjoying an hour or more of dolphin viewing, we travel back to Kratie.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Kratie – Countryside tour
  • Kratie – Local productions
  • Kratie – Dolphin watching by boat
Meals Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Day 4
Kratie to Mondulkiri. Bou Sra Waterfall & Coffe Farm.

After breakfast, we leave behind the sleepy town of Kratie and travel southeast towards the small junction town of Snuol, our gateway to the wilds of Mondulkiri. We turn left and leave behind the surfaced roads of civilization to take on the red earth roads of hill country. The first half of the journey from Snuol is flat, passing through patches of lush forest and areas of cultivation and plantations. After Kau Sima district, the road snakes up through the mountains that give Mondulkiri its name of ‘where the mountains meet’. We reach Mondulkiri and check in to a comfortable hotel. In the afternoon after lunch break, we leave Sen Monorom and head east towards the double drop waterfall of Bou Sraa, one of the most famous in Cambodia. It is possible to access both drops and there are swimming opportunities. Along the way, we may stop at a Pnong minority village to learn a little about their way of life. On our way back to Sen Monorom, we make a stop to visit local coffee growers (Unique product in that province). Here, there is not only coffee, but there are almost every fruit that you can imagine fruit planting in Cambodia including strawberry and durian. As Mondulkiri is know as the best land and weather for farming and living. Afterwards, you can taste the original Cambodian coffee or fresh-fruit shake at it’s own restaurant.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Mondulkiri – Bou Sra Waterfall
  • Mondulkiri – Coffe Farm
Optional Activities
  • Mondulkiri – Mayura Zipline @Waterfall, new experience with 7 thrilling ziplines, 12 platforms, 1 sky bridge, and 100 meters high zip over the falls! The ultimate Mayura Zipline that excites, educates and inspires. 7:30am – 12:00pm. $69 USD
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 5
Mondulkiri – Eco-friendly Elephant Experience at BEP.

We leave Sen Monorom after breakfast and drive 9km to the Bunong village of Putang which is the elephants village. Then we start walking from this village to look for elephants in the forests. Once we find them, you will be introduced to the herd of elephants and get to know more about their history, character, behavior, body language and relationship with mahout family. You will be able to feed the elephant buckets of bananas before walking alongside them or riding on the neck through the countryside and forest to O’te waterfall. At noon, the elephant must be taken to pastures for at least 2 hours in order to make sure they get enough food for the day. Elephants eat up to 300 kg of vegetation per day in order to sustain themselves. While the elephant is grazing, you will have a picnic Takeout Lunch by the waterfall. In the afternoon, the mahout will bring the elephant to the river for a wash. You are welcomed to get in the water and give them a hand. You can ask your mahout to try riding the elephant’s neck on your way back. Closer to the village, there is a big hill so you will challenge yourself. Later we return to Sen Monorom with an option to go up the hill of Sen Monorom for an amazing panoramic view of the Sea Forests.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Mondulkiri – Bunong Elephant Prject
  • Mondulkiri – The Sea Forests
Meals Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

“Cambodian Pride Tours has been supporting elephant experience with Bounong Hill Tribe in order to reduce their use of elephants in hard working activities; such as pulling trees or clear up forests for farming. The more tourists arrive the more they understand about taking care of their elephants. With our elephant experience you help the elephants and their keepers. ”

Day 6
Mondulkiri to Ratanakiri. Yeak Loam Crater Lake.

After breakfast at your hotel in Sen Monorom, we leave behind the wilds of Mondulkiri and hit the road towards the red earth of Ratanakiri. We travel north on the newest highway that connects Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri via Koh Nhek. Along the way, there is lush jungle hugging the road and locals claim to see tigers on this stretch whereas some parts of the jungle are giving way to clusters of pine trees and rolling grasslands. The scenery is unique for Cambodia and dotted with traditional indigenous hill tribe villages. We arrive to Ban Lung town of Ratanakiri and check into a comfortable hotel. Later in the afternoon, we enjoy the refreshing waters of the beautiful crater lake of Yeak Loam, set amid a pocket of lush jungle.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Ratanakiri – Yeak Loam Crater Lake
  • Mondulkiri – Journey thgough the Sea Forests
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 7
Ratanakiri – Indigenous Lifestyle.

After breakfast in Ban Lung, we head south passing through the rubber plantations to Borkeo where we will see the old gem area in the forests. Our journey continues to discover one sample of Jarai cemetery. After a very local lunch at Andong Meas, we visit Jarai Village which home to a traditional Jarai burial ground complete with carved effigies of the deceased. Jarai is one the eight hill tribe ethnics in Ratanakiri. Family groups are buried side by side and elaborate ceremonies held after a period of mourning. We return to Banlung by road. Along the way, there are opportunities to stop at minority villages to learn a little about their way of life, traditional silk weaving and farming.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Ratanakiri – Countryside tour
  • Ratanakiri – Borkeo Local Gem Mining
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 8
Ratanakiri to Preah Rumkel – Mighty Mekong Falls

We leave behind Banlung and travel southwest towards O’Pongman before veering north towards Stung Treng. We journey to Vouen Kam (Anlong Morokot) where we continue by local boat to Anlong Cheuteal. We will be welcomed in to a local family on the bank of the Mekong River for a traditional. In the late afternoon, we survey Sopheakmet Waterfall; that thwarted the grand designs of French imperialists (and which now mark the Lao border). It depends on water level in order to see the waterfall. During the dry season, we can access to the unexplored falls by boat whereas during the wet season, we have to stop the boat and continue by walk through forests and road for about 3.5km in return to visit the mighty Mekong falls. If time is available we will take the boat across the river to visit Hang Khone, which is the southernmost tip of Laos. The French used this as a ferry port where goods were then transferred back to the ferry by train before they continued their travel by river. Sunset here is some of the most beautiful sunsets across the Mekong River. Tonight, you will stay in a traditional Cambodian home under mosquito net at one of the local family who live on the bank of the Mekong River; experience bucket shower like Khmer people.

  • Homestay (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Stung Treng – Mighty Mekong Fall
  • Stung Treng – Preah Rumkel Eco-tourism Comunity
  • Stung Treng – Hang Khone
Meals Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 9
Stung Treng – Kayaking Through Mekong Flooded Forests.

After breakfast at homestay, it’s time to say good bye to the family. Then, we enjoy a short boat trip down to O’Svay where we will start our paddling tours to explore the Ramsar Wetlands area. It stretches south along the Mekong River from the border with Laos to Stung Treng. Only accessible by boat, it is a haven for critically endangered mammals, birds and fish and a unique riverine flooded forest system that is a photographer’s dream. With only birdcalls announcing our presence, we maneuvered our way leisurely downstream for a couple of hours. Our paddling tour of the forest continue until one point that you feel enough, then we return back to O’Svay by boat before we travel by road to the provincial capital of Stung Treng. We check in to a comfortable local hotel for the night.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Stung Treng – Kayaking through Mekong Wetlands Flooded Forests
  • Stung Treng – Boat trip
Meals Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Day 10
Stung Treng to Sra Em. World Heritage Site of Preah Vihear.

Today, we enjoy breakfast outside the hotel by going to a famous restaurant for typical Laos breakfast. Then, we leave behind the remote Stung Treng, head west to explore an imposing mountain-top temple guards the border between Cambodia and Thailand, Preah Vihear temple which was registered to be the world heritage 2008, perched on a pinnacle overlooking Cambodia and the object of recent battles with Thailand. We climb to the top of the Preah Vihea temple via the snaking road up the mountain which is very steep in places and we eventually emerge at the second enclosure of this king of the mountain temples. We explore the temple on foot and continue onwards to the final level, clinging to a cliff face in the Dangrek Mountains, towering hundreds of metres above lowland Cambodia below. The views from this most mountainous of temple mountains are breathtaking. Later we come to Sra Em and check in a comfortable hotel.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Sra Em – Pickup truck up and down Preah Vihear Mountain
  • Sra Em – Preah Vihear Temple Guided Tour
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 11
Sra Em to Siem Reap.

After breakfast, it is time to depart Sra Em and travel to Siem Reap. We journey west to the mountainous border region to the last of the Khmer Rouge at Anlong Veng with a chance to visit the house of the former military strongman Ta Mok. Anlong Veng was the last Khmer Rouge stronghold to surrender to government forces in the late 1990s. We then travel south towards Siem Reap. We arrive to Siem Reap and check into a comfortable hotel.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Optional Activities
  • Siem Reap – Phare Ponleu Selpak the Cambodia circus evening show. 8:00pm-9:30pm. $18 – $36 USD
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 12
Siem Reap – Temples of Angkor by bike (Small Circuit).

We start our day after breakfast by cycle from the hotel toward the check-point of Angkor pass. From there you will begin to see Kravan temple, Banteay Kdei, and stop at the famous Ta Phrom, embraced by the roots of enormous fig trees and gigantic creepers. Visit Ta Phrom that was built in 12th century by the famous King Jayavarvan VII indicated to his mother. The ruined Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider) temple was made famous by Angelina Jolie. This temple has been left to the forces of nature by archaeologists as it was ‘discovered’ by French explorer Henri Mouhot in 1860, many parts of its structure being embraced by the roots of gigantic trees, giving the ruin a special atmosphere, as well other structures on the Small and Grand Circuit.
We continue our cycling tour through small circuit passing Ta Keo temple, Chao Say Tevoda, Tommanon before reaching to Angkor Thom city. There you will see, Terrace of Leper King, Terrace of Elephant, Baphoun, Phimean Akas and of course Bayon temple. Angkor Thom was built by Cambodia’s greatest king, Jayavarman VII. An eight-meter high wall encloses this ten square kilometre city, which is encircled by a moat. The famous Bayon, in the geographical heart of Angkor Thom, is a remarkable 54-tower temple. Initially the temple appears to be a shapeless mass of grey and brown stone, but it is only as you get closer that you realize every tower has the carved face of Avalokiteshvara on it.
We continue to South Gate of Angkor Thom for taking photo. We enjoy cycling on the back road on the great wall of Angkor Thom city. Then, we visit the magnificent 12th century Angkor Wat. It is visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking. Angkor Wat is a massive three-tiered pyramid crowned by five beehive-like towers rising 65 meters from ground level. The Mother of all temples, Angkor Wat is believed to be the world’s largest religious building built in order to dedicate to the Hindu god, Vishnu.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Siem Reap – Angkor Temples Guided Tour
  • 30km return
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 13
Siem Reap – Temples of Angkor (Sunrise + Big Circuit + Banteay Srei).

Rise early for sunrise over the Mother of all temples, Angkor Wat which is believed to be the world’s largest religious building. Then, we head to the temple mountain of Pre Rup, before driving further north to Banteay Srei, Angkor’s ultimate art gallery. This petite pink temple is the jewel in the crown of Angkor-era sculpture. The elaborate carvings here are the finest found in Cambodia and the name translates as ‘Fortress of the Women’, thanks to the intricate detail here, considered too fine for the hands of a man. On the way back to Siem Reap we make a detour to the less frequently visited Banteay Samre. Built by King King Suryavarman II, the same king who built Angkor Wat, the structure with its high temple tower has undergone extensive restoration. In the afternoon we visit Neak Pean, a small island temple situated in the middle of an artificial pool, which translates as “intertwined serpents” due the coiled serpents encircling the base of the structure. We then continue on to Preah Khan or “sacred sword”, a huge monastic complex which features elaborate carvings. Overnight at hotel in Siem Reap.

  • Hotel (1 night)
Included Activities
  • Siem Reap – Angkor Temples Guided Tour
Meals Included
  • Breakfast

Day 14
Siem Reap – Artisans D’angkor, Museum. Departure.

After breakfast, we visit a new flagship museum on the road to Angkor is a showcase for the sculpture and culture of the Khmer civilisation. An ultra-modern art space, this museum uses the latest technology to bring this ancient empire to life. The collection is themed by period, religion and royalty and includes the impressive Gallery of 1000 Buddhas, inspired by Preah Poan at Angkor Wat. There is plenty of information on hand throughout the tour and lots of interactive displays, such as the sunrise over Angkor Wat, although we’d recommend the real sunrise as a more memorable experience. Then, we visit Artisans d’Angkor that is one of the most successful craft revitalisation projects in Cambodia. The showroom opposite Angkor Wat is a delightful place to unwind after exploring the world’s largest religious building, including an air-conditioned cafe. The original Chantiers Ecoles in Siem Reap is a great place to see the arts and crafts being carefully made. Afternoon is free at leisure until transfer to airport for departure flight.

Meals Included
  • Breakfast

This itinerary is written based on our tour research expeditions. It should be read in order to get a good general impression and NOT as a detailed hour by hour itinerary. Cambodian Pride Tours works with the local people; we can change parts of the tour due to weather terrain conditions depending on the season and customer requests.



  • 13 breakfasts
  • 4 lunches: one lunch in Kratie with a local family, one lunch at Bunong Elephant Project in Mondulkiri, one lunch in Preah Rumkel with a local family at the homestay and one take away lunch during kayaking.
  • 1 dinner at Preah Rumkel with a local family at the homestay.


Local transportation by private vehicle, ferry crossing and boat


Accommodation in confirmed room category and named hotels

Included activities

  • Accompanied at all time by experienced English speaking friendly guide
  • All sightseeing and transfer services as detailed in our itinerary
  • Local guide and trekking ranger
  • Complimentary Airport Arrival Transfer
  • Kratie – Motorbike Riding & Classic Lifestyle
  • Kratie – Lunch in a Local Family’s Home
  • Kratie – Dolphin Watching by Boat
  • Mondulkiri – Bou Sra Waterfall, Coffee Farm & Amazing Sea Forests
  • Mondulkiri – Bonung Elephant Project
  • Ratanakiri – Trekking
  • Stung Treng – Preah Rumkel Community Homestay
  • Stung Treng – Mighty Mekong Falls
  • Stung Treng – Flooded Forests Kayaking
  • Preah Vihear – Preah Vihear Temple Tours
  • Siem Reap – Angkor Complex by Bike Cycle (Small Circuit)
  • Siem Reap – Temples of Angkor Guided Tour
  • Siem Reap – Artisan D’Angkor

Entrance fees

  • Dolphin watching boat $7-9 USD
  • Bou Sra Waterfall $2.5 USD
  • Yeak Loam Crater Lake $1.25 USD
  • Preah Vihear Temple ticket $10 USD
  • Angkor temple 2 or 3 day ticket: $62 USD


The price of the tour does not include

  • Tour services not detailed in our itinerary
  • Laundry service
  • International taxes and visa fees
  • Early Hotel check-in/ Late check-out
  • The price of the Cambodian visa
  • All additional meals
  • Optional programs not included in the main program
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Health, accident and luggage insurance

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